TurnTool2011 Manuals

Last Update: 2010-12-27

Description: The TurnTool manual covers in detail all the workings of the TurnToolBox and scripting of the TurnTool Viewer. All TurnTool developers should have a look at it.

TurnTool scripting manual for the TurnTool2011 Viewer
This manual show you how to script the TurnTool Viewer and is available in the folowing formats.

TurnTool2011_Scripting.pdf (Adobe Acrobat document)
TurnTool2011_Scripting.doc (MS Word document)
TurnTool2011_Scripting.odt (OpenOffice document)

TurnToolBox2011 manual for 3D Studio Max
The manual for TurnToolBox for 3D Studio Max is available in the folowing formats.

TurnToolManual_3DSMax.pdf (Adobe Acrobat document)
TurnToolManual_3DSMax.doc (MS Word document)
TurnToolManual_3DSMax.odt (OpenOffice document)